Ch 6 Psych Notes - Chapter 6 I. Memoryan active system that...

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Chapter 6 I. Memory— an active system that receives info from the senses, puts that info into a usable form, organizes it as it stores it away, and then retrieves the info from storage o Encoding: the set of mental operations that people perform on sensory info to convert that info into a form that is usable in the brain’s storage systems o Storage: holding onto info for some period of time o Retrieval: getting info that is in storage into a form that can be used II. Models of Memory o Information-Processing Model: assumes the processing of info for memory storage is similar to the way a computer processes memory in a series of 3 stages Sensory Memory-1 st stage of memory, the point at which info enters the NS through the sensory systems Iconic Sensory Memory: visual sensory memory lasting only a fraction of a second (Sperling partial report method grid of #s and 3 tones) masking old info is replaced by new in ¼ seconds gives brain time to decided the importance of info o Eidetic Imagery-the ability to access a visual memory for 30 sec of more (photo mem) Echoic Memory: lasts abt 4 seconds the brief memory of something a person has just heard, allows the lower centers of brain to decided importance Short-Term Memory(STM)-info is held for brief period of time while being used, encoded in auditory form (internal dialogue) 12- 30 seconds Selective Attention: “cocktail party effect” the ability to focus on only one stimulus form among all sensory input Working Memory: processes the info in STM, a central executive interprets info from a visual sketchpad and an
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Ch 6 Psych Notes - Chapter 6 I. Memoryan active system that...

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