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Ch 8 Psych Notes - Chapter 8 I. Nature vs Nurture o Nature:...

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Chapter 8 I. Nature vs Nurture o Nature: heredity, the influence of inherited characteristics on personaliy, physical growth, intellectual growth and social interactions o Nurture: the influence of the environment on all the same things, includes parenting styles, physical surroundings, economic factors, and anything that influences development no within the person o Behavioral Genetics: investigation of the origins of behavior II. Prenatal Development o Genetics: the science of heredity DNA smallest particle of substance that still has all the properties Gene: section of DNA have same arrangement of chemical elements Chromosomes: tightly wound strand of genetic material or DNA Humans have 46 chromosomes, 23 from dad, 23 from mom, most characteristics determined by autosomes (22 pairs) last pair determines sex sex chromosomes Dominant Genes: actively control the expression of observable traits Recessive Genes: only influences the expression of a trait when paired w/ an identical gene (polygenic inheritance pairing of genes) o Conception: the moment at which a female becomes pregnant o Fertilization: when an egg (ovum) unites with a sperm = single cell w/ 46 chromosomes called a Zygote Mitosis-division of cells Monozygotic Twins-two babies from one fertilized egg (identical) Dizygotic Twins-2 eggs fertilized by 2 sperm (fraternal) drugs o The Germinal Period: two-week period when zygote moves down to the uterus, placenta and umbilical cord begin to develop o The Embryonic Period: from 2 weeks after conception till 8 weeks Once attached to uterus weeks 2-8 it’s called an Embryo Critical Periods-times during which some environmental influences can have an impact on the development Teratogen-any factor that can cause a birth defect (drugs, viruses)
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Ch 8 Psych Notes - Chapter 8 I. Nature vs Nurture o Nature:...

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