eng 103 personal narrative - English 103: Personal...

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Unformatted text preview: English 103: Personal Narrative Assignment This essay will be 3-4pgs long and formatted according to MLA guidelines. When grading personal narratives, Im paying attention to a number of aspects of the writing. Firstly, mechanics should be clean; deductions will be made for poor punctuation, grammar, verb tense, sentence structure, etc. Secondly, Ill consider the narrators (your) voice. Is it engaging without being too loud? Is it casual but not too intimate? A dry voice is preferable to a silly one. Irony works better than slapstick humor. Thirdly, language should be elevated. Avoid repetition and unnecessary words. Sentence structure should be varied and dynamic. Fourthly, other stylistic techniques will be notedlike use of imagery, tone, symbolism, etc. And finally, Im going to look for that key detailthat someone or something has changed, or had the opportunity to change and didnt. You should be subtle about it; if its there or not, I should opportunity to change and didnt....
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eng 103 personal narrative - English 103: Personal...

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