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Whitehouse 1 Anna Whitehouse Dr. Moore ENG 290 24 March 2010 How Education Causes Segregation The word segregation is most commonly used in reference to discrimination based on race, gender, religion, sexuality, yet rarely is it described as a consequence of education. In the postbellum South, the children of newly freed slaves optimistically viewed education as a potential savior for their race, though for most it simply presented another barrier between themselves and whites. In A Lesson Before Dying , Ernest J. Grant shows this struggle for next generation blacks and the responsibility that came with being educated. However segregation ensuing from education existed within each race as well as between them. Education has always been a defining characteristic of social class, particularly in the old South when the luxury of attending school was reserved for the upper class almost exclusively. William Faulkner illustrates this divide in his novel Sanctuary through interactions between Temple, Horace, the bootleggers, and the town people. Education in the old south often resulted in segregation within a community due to clashes between traditionally educated people and those educated through life experiences, the heavy dependence upon the sophisticated by those less fortunate, and the intrinsic superiority complex of the learned. The resentment felt by the town boys from Oxford towards Temple and Gowan is nearly tangible. “Your not good enough to go to a college dance,” one boy says to another as they watch the Ole’ Miss event from a nearby hill (Faulkner 24). Being uneducated, the boys feel inherently inferior to the college students which translates into spite and broken bottles. Gowan provokes
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ENG290 Paper - Whitehouse 1 Anna Whitehouse Dr. Moore ENG...

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