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OT Group Project Outline - evolution of these people with...

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Group Project Outline Group Name: Isaachar Members: Joshua Woodfox, Amy Granger, Lynda Curtis, Lindsey Miller, and Bailey Parker Project: The Family Dynamic: A closer look at the family structure of the Israelites, Hittites, and Egyptians Working Group Thesis Statement: A closer look into the lives of the Israelite, Hittite, and Egyptian family structure will provide a more thorough understanding of both the distinct similarities and differences between these three cultures. The internal workings of the these three tribes and their families will arm the class with the tools needed to further interpret the Old Testament and the stories within it more carefully, while also connecting the histories and
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Unformatted text preview: evolution of these people with one another. ISRAELITES-Brief history-General geography-Family and social structure-Family roles-Similarities between Israelites and Egyptians EGYPTIANS •-Where they live • Family Household arrangements Kids Slaves Eldest son • Woman’s Place Work Marriage Pregnancy and childbirth HITITTES-A lost society-Prominent role of women in the society-Warrior reputation-Family structure (what little is known)-Differences between Hittites and surrounding cultures-Hittite language and writings-Old Testament accounts of Hittites -Fun Facts!!...
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