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4 James Wilson Against Legalization of Drugs

4 James Wilson Against Legalization of Drugs - James Wilson...

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James Wilson Against Legalization of Drugs 1. Milton Friedman is for legalizing heroin, since it is a matter of ethics (government has no right to tell people not to use heroin; as a matter of economics, the prohibition of drug use imposes costs on society that far exceed the benefits. 2. Wilson claims that in New York City in ’73-75, the street prices of heroin rose dramatically and its purity sharply declined, as a result of the heroin shortage caused by the success of the Turkish government in reducing the supply of opium base and of the French government in closing down heroin-producing labs. This provided alternative sources of supply, which interrupted the easy recruitment of new users. (Less available and tougher sanctions) Health problems were also a reason, since many died from overdoses and hepatitis from dirty needles. 3. Prices would have been lowered, more abundant supplies, and sterile needles. It would have led to an increased use in heroin just as it had happened in Great Britain and even worse numbers due to a larger number of addicts to begin with.
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