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Business Proposal Example - Juicy News 144 East Franklin...

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Juicy News 144 East Franklin Street Chapel Hill NC 27615 29 November 2011 Dr. Susan Irons CEO, UNC Property Management CB #3250, Greenlaw University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Dear Dr. Irons: As members of the University of North Carolina family and the greater Chapel Hill community, we are committed to the success of local businesses and the revitalization of Franklin Street. To accomplish this goal we have created this proposal for a hybrid smoothie bar and newsstand to occupy the empty space at 144 East Franklin Street, Juicy News . Introduction This proposal serves to convince you of the benefits of investing in Juicy News , a fun and unique smoothie bar and newsstand that is sure to become a part of the daily routine in Chapel Hill. Juicy News offers students and local residents a sweet, healthy treat while also providing access to current newspapers and periodicals in a relaxed environment. The needs, plan, budget costs, and benefits of Juicy News are provided throughout the context of this proposal. We recommend the allocation of $60,000 for the investment of Juicy News at 144 East Franklin Street Market for Smoothies and News The vacancy at 144 East Franklin Street offers a prime location for a fresh business concept, while complimenting the surrounding businesses. Although several restaurants on Franklin Street sell smoothies, they are secondary products with limited flavors. Additionally, Franklin Street lacks a comprehensive news vendor. The only direct competitor for Juicy News , Jamba Juice , is inconveniently located over half of a mile away from Franklin Street. In addition, Jamba Juice serves drinks high in calories, sugar, and price. A recent survey of 33 UNC students found that 78% of respondents would frequent a store that specializes in smoothies and also sold their favorite media publications. Please refer to Exhibit 1 for detailed survey results. Smoothies popularity in the United States has grown exponentially during the past decade due to the increased demand for healthy foods and sustainable products. In 2009, US consumers spent more than 2 billion dollars on smoothies, 90% of which were freshly blended (“A Juicy
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Business Proposal Example - Juicy News 144 East Franklin...

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