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1 Informative Message Assignment Unit II, Part A Rough draft due: September 29 Revised draft due: October 4 Final draft due: October 6 Length: 1 page (assume letterhead) The Situation You are the Associate Director of Manning Associates, a consulting firm that advises small businesses. With the continuing turbulent economic climate, small businesses are confronting ongoing challenges. Many have not survived. Those that have survived are continuing to assess what adjustments they should make and what strategies they should pursue as the economy continues to show minimal growth and continuing high unemployment. In fact, some even talk of a double dip recession. And the European debt crisis and weak adds to the factors keeping the market on a roller coaster. How should small businesses navigate the credit landscape? How do they poise for future growth? How should they manage their workforce? What is going to happen with taxes? How can they continue to survive—and to prosper? You know that it’s a critical juncture for many small organizations. They need strategies for doing business in today’s economy. To offer resources, your company decided to host a conference for small businesses, The Small Business Survival and Growth Conference , and put you in charge. You want the conference to provide small businesses with information and resources to help them reenergize the small business
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Info Mess Directions - 1 Informative Message Assignment...

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