Neg Mess Assignment

Neg Mess Assignment - Negative Message Assignment Unit II,...

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Negative Message Assignment Unit II, Part B Rough draft due: October 11 Final draft due: October 13 Length: 1 page (assume letterhead) The Situation You are the CEO for Dickinson, Inc., a pharmaceuticals company in Richmond, Virginia employing around 1800 people. With the extended recession and months of decreased and unstable earnings, you and the CFO, Charlie Whitman, have been instituting a series of cost-saving measures over the last two years. Last year you announced a new travel policy to reduce company costs. Last summer you announced office procedure changes to save on office costs and the suspension of many charitable donations. A hiring freeze has been in place since July 2010. However, your losses continue, and employee morale is shaky. You want to avoid laying off employees when at all possible, so you are looking carefully at other options within the company. Reluctantly, you must acknowledge that the child care services that Dickinson provides for its employees have become a major drain on the budget. Twelve years ago, Dickinson, Inc. opened its own Dickinson, Inc. Care Center for its employees, with free enrollment for employees’ children, birth through age four (until kindergarten age). The service has been a tremendous hit and a major recruiting tool. Furthermore, offering child care for employees’ children has garnered a lot of good publicity for the company, including recognition in the regional press as one of the area companies with the best family benefits and a ranking as “a family friendly business” in a major magazine. Most importantly, the center has generated tremendous good will between the company and its
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Neg Mess Assignment - Negative Message Assignment Unit II,...

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