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Negative Info Message Example

Negative Info Message Example - a very competitive...

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TO: Dickerson, Inc. Employees FROM: Anna Whitehouse CEO, Dickinson, Inc. SUBJECT: Child Care Center Policy Change DATE: October 13, 11 The Dickinson, Inc. Child Care Center has helped our company to develop as a family oriented business and establish a family friendly reputation within the community. Over the past twelve years, our outstanding child-care has increased company efficiency by reducing maternity leave, absenteeism, and daily commute for many of you, thus we are committed to continuing to provide this valued service. Over the past two years, the CFO, Charlie Whitman, and I have implemented a series of cost- saving measures to offset the affects of the economic recession on company finances. Our top- rated child-care facility is a tremendous asset to this company, however, after reevaluating our financial status, we have decided that the Center’s rising insurance rates and expensive operating costs are straining the company’s budget. To maintain the excellent standards of our accredited Child Care center, we will begin phasing in
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Unformatted text preview: a very competitive enrollment fee. Beginning January 1, 2012, each child enrolled in the center will cost $50 per week, and starting February 1, the first child enrolled per family will cost $75 per week, then $50 per week for each additional child. No enrollment deposits are necessary, although a six-month commitment must be signed, which is renewable every six months. Significantly disadvantaged families may be eligible for a fee reduction or a fee waiver. Please submit an appeal waiver to our Human Resources Director, Ms. Polly Prescott, if you feel you qualify. Please direct any other questions regarding the policy change to Ms. Prescott as well. These measures will allow the Child Care Center to continue to excel and provide our employees with unparalleled child-care. Dickinson, Inc. is dedicated to providing our employees with the highest quality benefits, while ensuring the company’s future financial security....
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