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Persuasive Internal Letter Example

Persuasive Internal Letter Example - Chancellor Holden...

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October 27, 2011 Chancellor Holden Thorp CB# 9100, South Building University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Dear Chancellor Thorp: As Tarheels, we are committed to facilitating the best experience possible for our Carolina community, which starts with how people get to school. A more bicycle-friendly campus would help students and staff members get around more easily and efficiently. This goal could be easily achieved if $1000 of the “Small Change Awards” went towards installing a bike pump in The Pit and more bicycle racks campus-wide. Convenient and Healthy Installing a bike-pump in The Pit area would encourage more students to bike to school. The concern of flat tire on campus can cause students to choose a less healthy mode of transportation, such as driving or riding the bus. Also, locating the pump in The Pit would allow students easy access as it has the highest volume of traffic. Many students bike to class only to find that there is not a place for them to lock up their bike, either the rack is already too full or there is no rack at all. Students do not want to add their
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