11Dred Scott

11Dred Scott - Election of 1860 * Southern Democrats - John...

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Dred Scott * Doctor Emerson owned him * Went to Wisconsin and other free areas * Dred sued for freedom based on the fact that there was no slavery there. Dred Scott v Sandford 1857 Panic * Why? * Over speculation of Western lands * Europe economic problems * Money problem * Lost war contracts * Bad for the North and the West * Never affected the South * Cotton must truly be King * Made them more cocky and confident 1858 Illinois Senate Race * Steven Douglas Freeport Doctrine 1859 * John Brown “MOSES” 1860 Election * Republican * Abraham Lincoln * Northern Democrat * Stephen Douglas Election of 1860 * Republican party – * Abraham Lincoln * non-extension of slavery * Protective tariff * Pacific RR - Northern Route * Internal improvements funded by fed. Govt. * Homesteads!—C-p.502 * R-p.385
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Unformatted text preview: Election of 1860 * Southern Democrats - John Breckinridge * Extension of slavery in territories * Annexation of Cuba Lincoln wins, but * Minority president -* 60% preferred someone else * Not one vote in South Look what Bell did? South Carolina vows to secede! The wacko state secedes first! The Divorce * Mary Chestnut * South Carolina * Civil War Diarist * "We are divorced, North and South, because we have hated each other so." Buchanan, DO SOMETHING! Confederate States of America Jeff aint too good * Jefferson Davis * concerned mainly with military duties * neglects civilian morale * economy * lacks influence with state governments President Abraham Lincoln...
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11Dred Scott - Election of 1860 * Southern Democrats - John...

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