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Unformatted text preview: Fort Sumter Fort * Several forts in Confederate states * Allowed soldiers to choose * Last two-Ga. And S.C. We Need HELP! * Reinforcements Reinforcements * Supplies * Major Robert Anderson Boom,boom! Boom,boom! Crunch, crunch! Crunch, “Our Flag Was Still There” A new flag was there! North wants war! * 70,000 volunteers * War is to haul the South back into the Union Be the Northern Commander Now there are 11! Other Changes in the Confederacy * New capitol too! * Richmond, Virginia! Lincoln has to make some moves! Lincoln suspends habeas corpus in Maryland Lincoln Maryland Strategy Anaconda Plan Southern Advantages * Best generals * Lee, Jackson * Cause of self determination from the beginning * Defensive war * Did not have to win * Stalemate would be OK BIG PROBLEM! * The South could not get it’s people to plant foodstuffs instead of cotton!!! Northern Advantages Compare the two General Irvin McDowell Battle of First Bull Run Battle of Manassas * McDowell * Beauregard * Routed the Confederate troops * Stonewall Jackson * Victory for the Confederacy Read Read George McClellan George Dear General McClellan: * Inactivity was irritating Lincoln * “If you don’t want to use the army, I should like to borrow it.” * Yours respectfully, A. Lincoln East West Go to Richmond! * Stuck at Yorktown Shiloh Pittsburgh Landing Albert Sidney Johnston What a difference What a day makes! day So many dead… * The final number of dead or missing was 13,000 on the Union side and 10,500 on the Confederate side. 10,500 * There were more men dead after Shiloh than all the dead of all other American wars. American Complete Conquest! Grant has to go to Memphis! New Orleans taken Best bullet taken for my country Go on to Richmond! * 7 Days Battles * North-5 days * South-2 days * Could see the steeples in Richmond * Civil War Animated McClellan McClellan went back to DC * "If we have lost the day we have yet preserved our honor & no one need blush for the Army of the Potomac. I have lost this battle because my force blush was too small. I again repeat that I am not responsible for this & I say it with was the earnestness of a General who feels in his heart the loss of every brave the man who has been needlessly sacrificed today Did you take Richmond? Did * No. * Lincoln got rid of McClellan Emancipation Proclamation The New Guy in Town * John Pope John * No match for Lee * Met at the 2nd Battle of Manassas * Lee pulverized Pope Lee Lee is desperate! Lee Offensive war? * Needs supplies * Needs Maryland to secede * Needs help from Europe * Had been using “King Cotton Diplomacy” Had * Needs to draw troops away from Richmond McClellan is back! McClellan Unfortunately. * Antietam * Sharpsburg * September, 1862 6am in the cornfield Dunker Church 9:30-1:00 Sunken Road Burnside and the Bridge 10 am Not much changed, but… Bloodiest day of the war Please go after Lee * Lincoln traveled to Antietam * McClellan refused * McClellan is out for good McClellan * Burnside is the new commander Victory for the North? My Son is coming home!!!!!!!! “Dead of Antietam” * Matthew Brady * Photographer of the Civil war * Brought the war to the people Burnside is in charge now. * Attacks Lee at Fredericksburg * December, 1862 * What a mistake! Fredericksburg! What a slaughter! * “A chicken could not live on that field when we open on it!” “A Simply Murder * Union-12,000 * Confederate 5,000 * “General Jackson, How are we going to stop all this?” * “Kill ‘em. Kill ‘em all.” 1862 Stalemate! * Let the South go! The average soldier Stats * White * Native-born * Farmer * Protestant * 18-29 Wages of War * $11 * $16 * $10 Leisure time? * * * * Lots of it Gambled Drilled Played cards OH be joyful * Bark Juice * Turpentine * Rubbing alcohol * Raw meat for flavor The Draft! Weapons You wished for death * Initially there were about 90 physicians (called “surgeons”) in the Union army and 24 in the Confederate army. "at the end of the medical Middle Ages." Stonewall’s arm Death! Women’s role! Others * Sarah Emma Edmonds Seelye * * * * * Dr. Mary Walker Surgeon in the Civil War, was awarded the nation's highest honor by President Andrew Johnson Purge of 1917 Reinstated by Jimmy Carter BUT… Most women had supportive roles As Nurses Angels on the Battlefield Dorothea Dix Clara Barton Black Soldiers “Colored troops” West Point Angle * * Gettysburg More… * Nellie, why didn’t you marry him? 1863 The turning point of the war * Though Lincoln had always found slavery morally repugnant, he consistently stated that the Civil War was being fought solely for the purpose consistently of restoring the Union. * Emancipation Proclamation * Freed the slaves under Confederate control Emancipation Proclamation Another new guy * “Fighting Joe” Hooker Chancellorsville Lee’s Masterpiece Old Stonewall is dead A Better Grave Let’s try again! * Still need supplies * Still needs to draw Union troops away from the South * Thought a Confederate victory on Union soil would make the Northern people sue for peace. people A Little Town called Gettysburg * Destroy the railroad bridge at Harrisburg, then "turn my attention to Philadelphia, Baltimore, or Washington as may seem best for our interest.“ Philadelphia, ANOTHER New Guy? * Lee’s army was spread out * While “exploring” the town of Gettysburg, the South ran into the North July 1, 1863 * Lee won the day and the town * Meade set up in the hills around the town. * Lee set up on the flat areas. Lee July 2, 1863 July * Bloodiest of the three-day battle--over half of the casualties * Lack of good communication would prove to be the Confederate’s undoing Lack * But, they almost did it anyway! Devil’s Den Slaughter Pen Little Round Top “hold at all hazards” * Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain and men from the 20th Maine July 3, 1863 * Go up through the center * Toward the copse of trees * One mile of open field * In 50 minutes, the Confederacy lost 10,000 men James Longstreet Pickett’s Charge After Gettysburg * Over 51,000 casualties * Over 5,000 dead horses * Lee had a line of retreat over 17 miles * Meade did not pursue 1913 Tent Camp Swapping Stories Devil’s Den Pickett’s Charge Pickett’s Charge Vicksburg is" the key” * "The war can never be brought to a close until that key is in our pocket." "The Vicksburg Vicksburg * Grant and Pemberton’s forces Grant * 50,000 each. * “Settle down to regular siege operations.“ * (Pemberton could not get supplies in and no Confederate could get out.) After weeks… * Grant knew Pemberton would not last long * Received reinforcements to increase Union numbers to 70,000 to Pemberton’s 30,000 Confederates. Let’s hide! Let’s * The siege cut off all supplies going into the city The * Constant hammering of siege artillery Vicksburg falls July 4, 1863 The Western campaign * Read about Chickamauga * C-p420 * R-go online * Read about the Battle of Chattanooga * C-p 421 * R-p.303 Gettysburg Address * “Four score and seven years ago…” 1864 Sherman * We can make war so terrible," he said, "and make them so sick of war that generations pass away before they again appeal to it." 1864 Election 1864 * Abraham Lincoln (IL) Andrew Johnson Andrew * National Union (Republican) * "Don't change horses in the middle of the stream,“ * George B. McClellan (NY) * Democratic Democratic Sheridan and the Shenandoah Sheridan The Month of May,1864 The Cold Harbor * Cold Harbor * June 3rd * 7,000 men died in 5 minutes * Hundreds of wounded Federal soldiers remained on the battlefield for four days as Grant and Lee negotiated a cease-fire. Few survived the ordeal. Grant Grant * "I have always regretted that the last assault at Cold Harbor was ever made... no advantage whatever was gained to compensate for the heavy loss we no sustained. Indeed, the advantages, other than those of relative losses, were sustained. on the Confederate side." (Grant, Ch. 55) The Butcher The * After one month, Grant had lost 50,000 men * The people wanted Grant's head * Lincoln kept him What about the election? March to the sea * destruction of "…all public property not needed by your command, all foundries, mills, workshops, warehouses, railroad depots…" foundries, 1865 * January 31, 1865--13th Amendment passed * SLAVERY IS OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Petersburg * Trench warfare * Found the very old and the very young “The Crater” * Burnside’s idea * Construct and explode a mine underneath the ground Civil War Animated Saddest affair I have ever witnessed in the war." * Federals-went into the crater * After nearly ten hours of fighting and a combined cost of nearly 6,000 lives, nothing had changed tactically. Petersburg falls Petersburg * Abandoning Petersburg, Lee begins to retreat westward toward Amelia Courthouse Courthouse * Can’t protect Richmond * Davis had to leave the capitol. Davis Richmond falls Richmond It’s over! It’s * Lee knew it was over * Trying to get around the army of the Potomac and join Confederates in NC * Sandwiched between Sheridan and Grant Appomattox Courthouse Palmito Ranch Palmito Hill Texas American Civil War American May 12-13, 1865 May Last Civil War Battle Last * Confederate victory Confederate What happened to them? What Robert E. Lee * President of Washington College * Died in 1870 Died * Lee's full USA citizenship was restored posthumously in 1975, by an act of the U.S. Congress, following the discovery of his oath of allegiance by an the employee of the National Archives in 1970 employee * Pardoned of all wrong doing by President Jimmy Carter. Pardoned Arlington National Cemetery Arlington Ulysses S. Grant * President from 1868-1876 * Wrote his memoirs Wrote * Died of cancer in 1885 George Pickett * Never forgave Lee * “That old man had my men killed” * Insurance Salesman * Died in1875 William Tecumseh Sherman * Stayed in the army * Helped with the building of the transcontinental railroad * Last of the high command of the Union * Died in NY in 1891 * * * * * * James Longstreet Grant’s friend at West Point Minister to Turkey Commissioner in the RR Talked openly about Lee’s mistakes at Gettysburg. Called a traitor by the South January 2, 1904, the last of the high command of the Confederacy. January George McClellan George * Chief engineer of the New York Department of Docks (1870-72) * President of the Atlantic and Great Western Railroad * Governor of New Jersey from 1878 to 1881. Governor * Died on 29th October, 1885, in Orange, New Jersey Died Jefferson Davis Jefferson Abraham Lincoln * The spirit that guided him was clearly that of his Second Inaugural Address, now inscribed on one wall of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D. C.: now "With malice toward none; with charity for all; with firmness in the right, as "With God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in; to God bind up the nation's wounds.... " ...
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