11FRENCH REVOLUTION - #8-PRECEDENT Presidential Protocol...

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FRENCH REVOLUTION FRENCH REVOLUTION * Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette * Government was deeply in debt * Lavish spending of the Court * Fighting the Revolutionary War All we want is a voice! All we want is a voice! * Wanted their King * Wanted a Constitutional Monarchy Storming of the Bastille Storming of the Bastille * July 14, 1789 * Became a symbol * Proof that power no longer resided in the King or in God, but in the people. Boom, boom, Crunch , crunch! * US was the first to recognize the new French Republic! * Reign of Terror * Civil war * European war Remember when you needed us? Remember when you needed us? We need you now. We need you now. * Franco-American Alliance * Help keep the West Indies safe from the Brits Citizen Genet Citizen Genet * Ambassador from the new French Republic * Arrived in Charleston * Persona Non Gratis
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Unformatted text preview: * #8-PRECEDENT * Presidential Protocol Problem’s with England Problem’s with England * Taking our cargo * Impressing our sailors * Forts in the NW territory * Inciting Indians to make war Jay’s Treaty Jay’s Treaty * Stop these things or else! * 20 Years of peace * 2 other treaties 2 Other Treaties 2 Other Treaties * Pinckney’s Treaty with Spain * Yazoo strip * Right of Deposit Treaty of Fort Greenville Treaty of Fort Greenville * “Mad” Anthony Wayne * Quick temper and bravery * Move the Indians West! I’m outa here! I’m outa here! * #9-PRECEDENT * 2 Terms * Farewell Address * Political Parties * WRONG * Don’t engage in entangling alliances * Don’t get caught up in sectionalism...
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11FRENCH REVOLUTION - #8-PRECEDENT Presidential Protocol...

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