11Jacksonian Democracy

11Jacksonian Democracy - * * * * Jacksonian Democracy...

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Jacksonian Democracy Jacksonian Democracy King Andy King Andy * Very strong executive power * Used the veto more than any other president * Wrote with clarity and focus * Couldn’t spell worth a whit The Cabinet The Cabinet * A bunch of clerks * Sec of State * Martin Van Buren The Petticoat War The Petticoat War Oh Flordie! Oh Flordie! * Peggy O'Neal * Daughter of a tavern keeper * Met John Eaton (later became Jackson’s Sec of War) * Went places with him while she was still married. * Later married * Cabinet members resigned to stop the controversy. Clean up D.C. Clean up D.C. * Spoils System * To the victor goes the spoils * Politics? Jackson’s plan Jackson’s plan * Simple “enuff” * Anyone can come into this job and do it Internal Improvements Internal Improvements Maysville Road Maysville Road Price of Western Lands Foote Resolution Foote Resolution * Foote from New England
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* Price of land should be high Haynes-Webster Debate Haynes-Webster Debate * Haynes-SC-- supports the west * New England are a bunch of traitors
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11Jacksonian Democracy - * * * * Jacksonian Democracy...

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