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11King Andy - fighter living in a log cabin and drinking...

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King Andy How do you feel about Jackson? Election of 1836 Martin Van Buren * Political leader in the North * Vice-President under Jackson * Worst handicap * Wasn’t Jackson Panic of 1837 * Worst panic in the 1800’s * Why did it happen? Election of 1840 * More mudslinging * Whigs called Van Buren “Van Ruin” * Dem-unusual slogan targeting Harrison’s western heritage Log cabin and hard cider! * "Give him a barrel of hard cider, and settle a pension on him and...he will sit the remainder of his days in his log cabin by the side of the fire and study moral philosophy!" OOPS! * Backfired and became the slogan for the Whigs * Presented their candidate William Henry Harrison as a simple frontier Indian
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Unformatted text preview: fighter * living in a log cabin and drinking cider * in contrast to an aristocratic champagne-sipping Van Buren Old Tippecanoe wins! Harrison * Indian fighter * Wealthy * 67 years old * Was to be used as a figurehead by Clay and Webster * (Webster-Sec of State) * Caught a cold * Died We’ll use Tyler instead! We have been saved by pneumonia! * “Democrat in Whig’s clothing” Aroostook War (1839) * Canadians and US almost went to war over disputed land in Maine Webster-Ashburton Treaty War of the maps * America was not supposed to get this...
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