11Moonlight and Magnolias

11Moonlight and Magnolias - sleeping What happened to them?...

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“Moonlight and Magnolias” * This tradition clouded reality * Oligarchy * One crop economy * Slavery * The South’s “peculiar institution” Oligarchy * Ruled by a few * ¼ of the white population owned slaves * Of that, 2/3 owned less than 10. * Since Jamestown, they had control of government. * Do you want Civil War? * YES! Yeoman Mountain whites Cotton is truly King! * South * Sold it to the world and provided most of the “white gold” * West * Provided the South with food stuffs * North * Ships to take the cotton to the world and textile mills used some of the cotton BUT… * Bad year and all hell brakes loose! Slavery * Been in the USA * When the war started there were 4 million slaves in USA 100,000 free blacks Louis C. Roudanez Slavery South was dealing with slavery! * Nat Turner Revolt
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* 1832 * Turner and six of his men killed their Master’s entire family as they lay
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Unformatted text preview: sleeping What happened to them? * Nat Turner and his men were killed and spread all over the South * 50 others killed * Close to 200 black people, many of whom had nothing to do with the rebellion, were murdered by white mobs. WHY? * William Lloyd Garrison Things are going to have to change * Illegal to teach a slave to read or write * The Liberator, and any other abolitionist literature ,is banned in the South. North is dealing with slavery * American Colonization Society * Raised money to free slaves * Sent them to Liberia * More than 11,000 blacks were transported to Liberia before 1860 More * Reforms * Abolitionist * Anti-slavery * Political Parties * Free Soil Party Blessings? * Brought them Christianity * Brought them to America * Slavery is in the Bible Curses Peter...
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11Moonlight and Magnolias - sleeping What happened to them?...

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