11The Constitution

this is great but where are the bill of rights

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Unformatted text preview: * This is great, but… * Where are the Bill of Rights? Benjamin Franklin 1789 Constitution * In Debt * RI and NC * NC * RI-Threatened to annex them to Massachusetts * Overthrown 2 Constitutions * Foreign relations aren't that great Foreign Who were the leaders? Who He was the first, so… * Precedents were set * #1 Cabinet meetings * * * * * * Regular meetings to get the advice of these men #2- Have the inauguration outside outside Bill of Rights #1 Freedom of speech, assembly, press, religion and petition #2 Freedom to bear arms * #5 * Double jeopardy * Can’t incriminate yourself * Indictment from a grand jury (Due process) Judiciary Act of 1789 * * * * Bold Scheme to Bolster Credit Fund the national debt at par $54 million Assume state debt +$25 million Assume +$25 $79 million The Deal Location, location! *...
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