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111848 Election - 1848 Election Whigs-Zachary Taylor...

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Unformatted text preview: 1848 Election * Whigs-Zachary Taylor * Dem-General Lewis Cass * Popular Sovereignty * ISSUE-Slavery in the Mexican Cession * Free Soilers * Martin Van Buren 1849! 1849! What a mess! What * California * Free state * 13 free and 13 slave * Slavery in the MX Cession * Slavery and slave auctions in DC * TX is going to go to war with NM * * * * Enter Henry Clay (for the last time) Compromise of 1850 Last time Clay , Calhoun and Webster shared the stage together! Last of the Old Guard Protect and preserve Will it pass through Congress? * Oh yeah! * But will President Taylor sign it? Zachary Taylor is dead? * Millard Filmore * Passes the Compromise * California can be free Compromise of 1850 * * * * Slavery in the MX Cession open to popular sovereignty Slavery is Ok in DC. Auctions are not! TX, you can’t go to war with NM. ($5 million) Yes to the National Runaway Slave law Yes * Harriet Beecher Stowe Books! Books! Impending Crisis of the South 1852 Election Franklin Pierce Franklin Opening the Closed Door Opening * Commodore Matthew Perry * JAPAN * To trade with California * Ports where whaling ships could get supplies California has gold! * We need a transcontinental RR! * South or North ? Gadsden Purchase * James Gadsden * Purchased the land for $10 million Purchased * most direct and practicable route for the Southern transcontinental railroad would be south of the United States boundary would Enter Steven Douglass * Let’s organize the land * * * NO!!!!!!!(36 30 line) Let’s get rid of the line Rescinded the 36 30 line 1854 Kansas Nebraska Act * Kansas and Nebraska territory * Open to slavery through popular sovereignty * * * * New England Emigrant Aid Society Eli Thayer Abolitionists Let’s save Kansas from slavery Let’s move! Beecher’s Bible! Open to Popular Sovereignty Bleeding Kansas What happened to the RR? * We are way too busy killing each other in Kansas and other areas to want a transcontinental Railroad. transcontinental * It will begin building it in 1863. Spreads to the Congressional Floor You can’t talk about my family! Go Preston! Good Grief! * Read * Lecompton Constitution * The Kansas state constitution * C-p. 385 * R-p.277 1856 Election James Buchanan ...
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