Election of 1860

Election of 1860 - 1 Constitution 2 Enforcement of Laws Lincoln wins but 1 minority president-60 preferred someone else Not one vote in South

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Election of 1860 1. Republican party - Abraham Lincoln 1. non-extension of slavery 2. Protective tariff 3. Pacific RR - Northern Route 4. Internal improvements funded by fed. Govt. 5. Homesteads! 2. Northern Democrats - Stephen Douglass 1. Popular Sovereignty 2. Against the obstruction of Fugitive Slave Law 3. Southern Democrats - John Breckinridge 1. Extension of slavery in territories 2. Annexation of Cuba 4. Constitutional Union - John Bell
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Constitution 2. Enforcement of Laws Lincoln wins, but. .......... 1 - minority president -60% preferred someone else Not one vote in South Douglass - 13 electoral votes but. ........... Drew from all sections Breckinridge - all cotton states Bell - VA, KY, TN Confederacy - SC, NC, VA, FL, GA, MISS, LA, TX, Alabama, TN, Arkansas Border States - Missouri, Kentucky, Delaware, Maryland, and West Virginia Rest - Union!...
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