Study guide for test 1 2011

Study guide for test 1 2011 - Study guide for test 1...

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Study guide for test 1 History 1301 1. Read all of the reading assignments. 2. Explain the Bering Strait theory and its impact. Why did the Indians leave Asia and cross this? What did the discovery of Monte Verde do to impact the theory of the Bering Strait. 3. Discuss the 8 Indian groups in the Americas that we mentioned in class. What European groups were affected by these Indians? 4. Explain what similar things destroyed the Roman and Greek empires. 5. Identify the following: Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great, Hannibal, Cleopatra 6. Discuss the feudal system in place in the Middle Ages 7. What institution “joined “the people of Europe together during the Middle Ages? 8. Why were the Crusades important in finding the New World? 9. Discuss the Renaissance and the four things that is helped shape. 10. After the nation states formed, why did they want to find a new way to the New World? 11. Explain the development of Portugal and why she became a seafaring nation. Who was the famous Portuguese who founded a school for maritime exploration? Identify “silent trade”. 12. Explain the development of Spain and her contributions to the New World. Identify the following: conquistadors, Cortes, Pizarro, De Leon, De Soto and Coronado. 13. Identify the following: Anne Boleyn, Catherine of Aragon, Jane Seymour, Elizabeth, Edward 6 th , Mary. Why did Henry 8 th create the Anglican Church? 14. Explain the founding of the Roanoke colony and the impact of the Spanish Armada on
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Study guide for test 1 2011 - Study guide for test 1...

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