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Unformatted text preview: Other reforms Other reforms Political reform­ Direct election of Senators 17th amendment Income tax 16th amendment Clean up food and drugs Ladies Home Journal Upton Sinclair The Jungle Child labor COKE! Labor Review Hines Women in sweatshops Who were the Progressives? New middle class Young professionals Sought to apply principles of professions (medicine, law, business, teaching) to problems of society Strong faith in progress and the ability of educated people to overcome problems Rise in volunteer organizations organized to address issues Mainly urban in residence and orientation Other Progressives Political reformers Local­Hogg­TX State­Wilson­NJ Roosevelt­NY National­Wilson Roosevelt Socialists Eugene Debs Looked on by most Progressives as too fanatical Muckrakers Muckraking journalists attacked corruption and scandal with a sense of moral outrage Lincoln Steffens Ida Tarbell Upton Sinclair Lincoln Steffens Exposed corruption in city government in The Shame of the Cities (1904) Ida Tarbell ...
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