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Unformatted text preview: 1876-1900 1876-1900 AAH!!!!!!!!!!!! Walter Prescott Webb The Great Plains ”Civilization , east of the Mississippi, was based on three legs: land, timber and water.” In the west, she lost two of her legs, timber and water. Little Big Horn – – – Sioux gathered at the Little Big Horn River Sitting Bull We will win! Custer-”Long Hair” 7th Calvary Died Who got rich? John D. Rockefeller Trust Corporations in the same market put control of business under group of trustees business Shareholders receive dividends, but have no say in the business business Vertical Combinations Horizontal Combinations Other companies – George Eastman "you press the button, we do the rest" "you Crayola Crayons – 8 Crayons for a nickel Dentyne gum-1899 Zipper-1896 Cornflakes-1906 Will Kellogg Thomas Edison – – Most versatile of them all Sometimes working 20 hour days Menlo Park, New Jersey an invention factory What did he invent? Telephone – – – Alexander Graham Bell Teacher for the deaf Went from a microphone Telephone – “Number please ladies” Money Trust? Investment banker – Able to be a member of the board of directors of several companies companies Controlled many banks and insurance companies – In turn gave him a lot of influence over companies Problems Labor Cities Wealth in the hands of a few – 73% of the national wealth in the hands of 10% of American families American Huge gap between the rich and the poor Labor Problems – Long hours Low pay No workman’s compensation Harsh working conditions Worst was mining of any kind What helped? – – Samuel Gompers “Trade Union ,pure and simple” Only skilled workers Worked for 8 hour day Where were the women? – – Most of us were home But if we had a job, Teacher Textile worker Cities Filthy Grew up too fast No sewage systems Crime rate Slums and tenement housing Politics No one of any consequence Grover Cleveland Immigration in the late 1800’s New immigrants – Southern and eastern Europe Five out of every six Irish and Russian travelers, three out of four Italian and Hungarian immigrants eventually settled in the four nation's great cities. nation's – No money – Too late to acquire any free land “Lovely Lady” – – – Auguste Bartholdi Sculptor Gustave Eiffel Structural engineer Brought to America No place to put her Pulitzer-championed the fundraising for the pedestal Pulitzer-championed “That's who I have been longing to “That's see” see” Immigration from the other direction Chinese Exclusion Act First significant restriction on free immigration in U.S. history Excluded Chinese laborers from the country under penalty of imprisonment and deportation Made Chinese immigrants permanent aliens – Chinese men in the U.S. now had little chance of ever reuniting with their wives, or of starting families in their new home. Made permanent? Yep, in 1902 Repealed after WW II Imperialism International Domestic International Reasons World trade 1865 – $400 million 1890 – $1 billion – Capital investments abroad 1890 $500 million European example Domestic reasons – – – The frontier was gone Missionary pressure Imperialistic propaganda Mandate from God Josiah Strong’s pamphlet “Our Country” Naval pressure-Mahan Groups of Politicians Teddy Roosevelt Henry Cabot Lodge Cuba Cubans frightfully misgoverned by Spain Revolted in 1895 – Adopted a scorched earth policy General Weyler (Butcher Weyler) – Herded civilians in barbed-wire “concentration” camps – Pestholes where the occupants died Yellow Journalism – – – – – – Joseph Pulitzer William Hearst Used Cuba to boost their ratings Using headlines set in enormous black letters, colored paper, full-page editorials, Illustrations provocative cartoons “You furnish the pictures and I will furnish the war” – Battles that never happened Brutality toward Cuban women that never happened Story of a Cuban woman prisoner 375 columns of print to a romanticized version of her story Remember the Maine and to hell with Spain! – – Spain backed off Weyler was called back US Maine in Havana harbor Blew up US-Spain Spain-Engine blew up “Splendid Little War” Phillipines Sailed from China and met little resistance Aided by the Filipino people Let’s go to the war! Teddy Roosevelt resigned as Governor of New York Spanish –American War Read the real account of the battle We were lucky! Oregon barely made it for the battle of Santiago Made Teddy aware of the need for a shorter route. We won!!! Now what do we do ? Cuba-independence(close to us and we could keep our eye on them) Guam Puerto Rico What about the Philippines? – – Philippines So far away Filipinos, expecting independence, rebel! Filipino War – Used the same tactics as Butcher Weyler Concentration camps Lost more men than in the Spanish American War Lasted more than three years Hawaii Sent missionaries early in the 1820’s Took the land away Pearl Harbor was established She’s ours!!!! Election of 1900 R-McKinley – – – – Rarely campaigned McKinley’s VP-Teddy Roosevelt Hanna wanted to kill TR’S political career Called TR a cowboy D-William Jennings Bryan All over USA McKinley wins again! – Attending the Pan American Exposition in Buffalo, NY Standing in a receiving line Shot at point blank range by an anarchist Died a week later Look who is President now! – Read Hurricane of 1900 ...
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