George Bush

George Bush - George Bush B WWII veteran Congressman CIA...

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George Bush B-June 12, 1934 WWII veteran Congressman CIA director VP under Reagan Father to the 43 rd President “There is new ground to be broken and new action to be taken. " "a kinder and gentler nation." The Berlin Wall falls November 9, 1989 Opened the doors to travel between the two Germanys Chaos Pecked away at the wall Saddam Hussein The first time Maintained power through ruthless purges Iraq beset by internal strife North the Kurds yearned for independence South, the Shi'ites looked to Iran 1980’s War with Iran Stalemate BUT… Military was an awesome force Caused Saudi Arabia concern. Things ain’t so good in Iraq Price of keeping military was exorbitant.
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Borrowed heavily from its oil producing neighbors Debt coupled with continued investments brought on a 40 percent inflation rate and a stagnant standard of living. So use your own oil Iraq had to do the same Iraq suspected the Kuwaiti's were drilling diagonally from their side of the border to tap Iraqi oil reserves They did. But it wasn’t enough to pay off investors 1990 Kuwait and other oil states began to lower oil prices and increase production beyond agreed upon levels It was getting more and more difficult to keep his power. Boom boom,
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George Bush - George Bush B WWII veteran Congressman CIA...

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