Influenza of 1918

Influenza of 1918 - Bayer Aspirin • Bayer aspirin was...

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Influenza of 1918 The worst epidemic the United States has ever known Fort Riley, Kansas March 9, 1918 Company cook Albert Gitchell reported to the camp infirmary with complaints of a "bad cold”. Corporal Lee W. Drake voicing similar complaints By noon, camp surgeon Edward R. Schreiner had over 100 sick men on his hands US took it to Europe In March,1918 84,000 American "dough-boys" set out for Europe 118,000 the next month Carried with them a virus that would prove to be more deadly then the rifles they carried. Fall of 1918 Cut through US Schools closed Suicides US wore masks Social life changed You did not go anywhere Friends were your enemies Theatres closed Restaurants closed
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Unformatted text preview: Bayer Aspirin • Bayer aspirin was just hitting the market in the US at the time of the “Spanish flu” • Bayer was a German company and many Americans distrusted it and thought that it was a form of germ warfare 195,000 in one month War is over! • San Francisco celebrates with a parade of 30,000 • All wore masks It was gone! • 60-100 million people world wide died of this strain of influenza • The Spanish Flu vanished within 18 months. • The illness left as abruptly as it came. October 5, 2005 • Recreated the virus from lung tissue of victims • Genetic mutations and markers that are similar to those in flu viruses found in birds...
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Influenza of 1918 - Bayer Aspirin • Bayer aspirin was...

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