Japanese Aggression

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Unformatted text preview: Japanese Aggression Japanese Aggression – – 1931 ­ Japan invades Manchuria 1937 ­ Japan invades China to obtain raw materials like coal and iron from China gain control of China’s vast trade. Do not go into French Indo China Europe was a little busy and all of her colonies were left unprotected. 1941­Invades Indochina Japan decided to conquer Southeast Asia, where war materials were plentiful. – – – US, Dutch & Brits Japanese assets in U.S. frozen Crude oil embargo July 24 Aviation gasoline added Aug. 1 Who is in the way? Tripartitie Pact Germany, Italy, and Japan If the US attacked any of these, it was an attack on all. The Plan – Imperial Admiral Yamamoto Plan to attack PH Pearl Harbor is attacked! Pearl Harbor is attacked! Americans old enough to remember know – – the exact moment they heard Pearl Harbor was bombed Many did not know where Hawaii was that America had military installations there “A day which will live in infamy!” The Sleeping Giant Yamamoto – "We have awakened a sleeping giant and have instilled in him a terrible resolve". – – Germany and Italy declared war because of the Tripartite Pact Read the Good Neighbor Policy Doolittle Raid ...
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