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newstudyfinal - 20 What is SDI 21 What was the solution of...

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FINAL QUESTIONS 1) What was CREEP? Discuss its involvement in Watergate. 2) Discuss Watergate from beginning to Nixon's resignation. 3) Discuss the Middle East conflict in 1973 and its impact on the United States. 4) When did Saigon fall? 5) Discuss the Mayaguez. 6) Discuss the 1976 election. Why did Carter win? 7) Discuss Carter's short lived honeymoon with Congress. 8) Discuss the SALT II treaty and what did Carter do in retaliation to Russia's invasion to Afghanistan? 9) What two diplomatic areas did Carter achieve success? 10)What did Carter see as the economic disease of America? 11) Discuss the Iranian situation. 12)Who ran in the 1980 election? Who won and why? 13) What was Reaganomics? 14) Discuss the Nuclear Freeze movement 15) Who was the focus of evil 16) Who was the new leader of the Soviet Union and explain his reforms. 17) Define Reagan’s “power through strength” diplomacy. 18) What were the consequences of Black Monday 19) Discus the three meetings between Reagan and Gorbechev.
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Unformatted text preview: 20) What is SDI? 21) What was the solution of the PAC strike and what were the consequences. 22) Discuss the elections: 1984 and 1988 23) What brought USA into the war in Kuwait? 24) Define Desert Storm and Desert Shield. 25) Define the American with Disabilities Act. 26) Discuss the Iran-Contra Affair. 27)What were the controversial pieces of legislation Bill Clinton tried to pass? 28)Which ones was he successful with? 29)Who was Newt Gingrich? 30)Discuss the Oklahoma City bombing. 31)Discuss the “Waco Massacre”. 32)Who bombed the World Trade Center in 1993? Were they successful? 33)Discuss Clinton’s attempt at peace negotiations with the Palestinians and Israelis. 34)Discuss the Monica Lewinsky scandal through Clinton’s impeachment hearings. 35)What were the results of the 1996 and 200 elections? 36)What was the controversy surrounding the 2000 elections. DO NOT FORGET TO READ YOUR READING ASSIGNMENTS...
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newstudyfinal - 20 What is SDI 21 What was the solution of...

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