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Christianity 4 Canonical Gospels o Synoptic Matthew- (70-90) Mark- (65-70): Mark was first and the source for Matthew and Luke Luke- (70-90) What Luke and Matthew have in common that Mark doesn’t have are teachings o John- (90-1000) Prophets’ role comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable Apostasy, murder, and adultery Transfiguration Moses represents the law and Elijah the prophet Agnostics- don’t have knowledge whether or not there is a God
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Unformatted text preview: Gnosticism- flesh evil, claim to have secret knowledge of God, Docetism- Jesus wasnt really on the earth with a human body because humans are evil Marcionites- Two Gods, OT-evil, NT-good Modalism- God is 1 person Montanism- charismatic Manicheans- 2 souls, plurality of Gods, Augustine Donatists- sacrament based on the character of the minister Pelagianism- born able to do good. Grace not needed, original sin...
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