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What was America doing

What was America doing - What was America doing...

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What was America doing? German-Americans were the #1 immigrant group in  America Neutral! We helped Made loans----Lots of loans! Munitions On the road again! Propaganda Rape of Belgium Belgium had been declared neutral years ago King Albert of Belgium would not sacrifice his country's honor by allowing  Germany to use Belgium to attack France. He shocked Germany by refusing the  ultimatum.  More propaganda Edith Clavell Nurse in Belgium who was executed by the Germans News of Germans with bags of ears On the road again! Unrestricted Submarine Warfare The Germans and the Brits were using their newest  naval additions the submarines Great Britain England set up a naval blockade of Germany  in the hopes of cutting off supplies
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Germany U Boats.  submarines capable of staying submerged for long  periods of time
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