Cherokee creation myth

Cherokee creation myth - Shawn Varghese Theology 2810:...

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Shawn Varghese Theology 2810: Religions of the World Joseph W . Muller February 7, 2008 Cherokee Creation Myth One thing that can be said of Native American religions is of their closeness and oneness with nature . As with many creation myths, the Cherokee myth shows how the world and nature is created . But what separates this Native American creation myth from other myths is its teachings of nature and respect for it . This importance of nature can be reflected in the everyday lifestyle of the Cherokees . In the Cherokee creation myth, the world begins with just water . Humans aren’t mentioned yet, instead the world contains just animals and the Great Spirit . The animals lived above the water in the sky, but were curious to see what dwelt under the water . Dayuni'si, the water beetle, volunteered to go search the waters and discovered underneath it mud . The water beetle brought mud from the bottom of the waters to the surface and kept doing so . As he did this, the mud spread across the waters and become the land we know today . The Great Spirit then attached the new land to the sky using four strings . At that time, the land still wasn’t ready, so the animals sent down Galun'lati, the buzzard, to prepare the land for the rest of the animals
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Cherokee creation myth - Shawn Varghese Theology 2810:...

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