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Unformatted text preview: TIANANMEN SQUARE TIANANMEN THE TIANANMEN MASSACRE STRUGGLE FOR DEMOCRACY (APRIL 17 – JUNE 4, 1989) WANG DAN HUNGER-STRIKE JIANG ZEMIN (1936-) AFTER TIANANMEN AFTER JIANG ZEMIN (1936-) JIANG THE STRUGGLE AGAINST THE “SPIRITUAL POLLUTION ” POLLUTION (1989-92) DENG’S SOUTHERN DENG INSPECTION TOUR (JANUARY 18 – FENRUARY 21, 1992) “SOCIALIST MARKET ECONOMY” ANNUAL ECONOMIC ANNUAL GROWTH (9.36 PERCENT) THREE REPRESENTS THREE Reviewing the course of struggle and the basic Reviewing experience over the past 80 years and looking ahead to the arduous tasks and bright future in the new century, our Party should continue to stand in the forefront of the times and lead the people in marching toward victory. In a word, the Party must always represent the requirements of the development of China's advanced productive forces, the orientation of the development of China's advanced culture, and the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the people in China. (JIANG ZEMIN’S SPEECH, July 1, 2001) “GREAT CAUSE, BRIGHT FUTURE” THE CCP SIXTEENTH THE CONGRESS (November 8-14, 2002) PRIVATE PRIVATE ENTREPRENEURS ARE ALLOWED TO JOIN THE CCP HU JINTAO (b. 1942) HU ...
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