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Unformatted text preview: MAP OF CHINA CHINA’S GEORGAPHY 3.723 MILLION SQUARE MILES CHINA PROPER (1.775 MILLION SQUARE MILES) POPULATION (ABOUT 1.3 BILLION) POPULATION GROWTH RATE (0.87%) RURAL/URBAN POPULATION RATION (71/29) 22 PROVINCES, 5 AUTONOMOUS REGIONS, 2 SPECIAL ADMINISTRATIVE REGIONS, AND 4 MUNICIPALITIES TAIWAN Huanghe Yangtse (Yangtze, Yangzi) Xijiang Dongjiang Beijiang Zhujiang Beijing Shanghai Nanjing Xian Guangzhou (Canton) Wuhan Manchuria Inner Mongolia Tibet Xinjiang Taiwan Hainan Shandong Liaodong Macao Hong Kong CONFUCIUS (551-479 B.C.) KONG QIU KONGZI KONG FUZI K’UNG FU-TZU MASTER KONG CONFUCIANISM LUNYU (ANALECTS) • • • • • • • DAO (TAO, The Way) LI (Ritual) REN (Humaneness) XIAO (Filial Piety) DE (Virtue) JUNZI (Gentleman) Mandate of Heaven LAOZI (6th CENTURY B.C.) LAO DAN LAO-TZU MASTER LAO OLD MASTER DAOISM (TAOISM) DAODEJING (The Way and Virtue Classic) • Wuwei (inaction) BUDDHISM SIDDHARTHA GAUTAMA (563 – 483 B.C.) NIRVANA THERAVADA (THE THEACHING OF THE ELDERS) HINAYANA (THE LESSER VEHICLE) MAHAYANA (THE GREAT VEHICLE) BODHISATTVA (Bodhi [enlightenment] and sattva [being]) The Noble Eightfold Path Right Belief (in the Truth) Right Intent (to do good rather than evil) Right Speech (avoidance of untruth, slander and swearing) Right Behavior (avoid blameworthy behaviors) Right Livelihood (some occupations e.g. butcher, publican, were disparaged) Right Effort (towards the good) Right Mindfulness (of the Truth) Right Concentration (will result from following the Noble Eightfold Path) THE MANCHUS • NURHACHI (15591626) • ABAHAI (1592-1643) • QING (1636) • DORGON (16161650) • INVASION OF CHINA (1644-1689) ...
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