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Unformatted text preview: CHRISTIANITY IN CHINA Al-lo-ben, a Syrian or Persian Nestorian monk (635) First Monastery (638) John of Montecorvino, Franciscan monk (1294) Mateo Ricci, Jesuit monk (1581, 1601-10) Robert Morrison, British Congregationalist minister (1807) Translation of the Bible (1819) Karl Guetzlaff, German Lutheran (1830s) Isaachar Jacox Roberts, American Baptist (1840s) TAIPING TIANGUO (1851-1864) • HONG XIUQUAN (181464) • HAKKA (GUEST PEOPLE) • LIANG FA (1789-1855) • GOOD WORDS FOR EXHORTING THE AGE • YANG XIUQING (1817-56) • WEI CHANGHUI (1823-56) • SHI DAKAI (1831-63) • HONG REN’GAN (182264) • GOD WOSHIPPERS’ SOCIETY (1843) • HEAVENLY KINDOM OF GREAT PEACE (January 11, 1851) TAIPING TIANGUO (1851-1864) • TIANWANG (HEAVENLY KING) • THE LAND SYSTEM OF THE HEAVENLY KINGDOM (1853) • A NEW TREATISE ON AIDS TO ADMINISTRATION (1859) THE SECOND OPIUM (ARROW) WAR (1856-1860) THE ARROW VESSEL INCIDENT (October 8, 1856) LORD ELGIN THE TREATIES OF TIANJIN (June 26 and 27,...
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