Resided in beijing abolition of lijin interior

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Unformatted text preview: 1858) Indemnity ($6 million) Ambassadors resided in Beijing Abolition of lijin (interior transit taxes) 10 new open port FREDERICK BRUCE (1859) YUAN MING YUAN THE CONVENTIONS OF BEIJING (OCTOBER 24 and 25, 1860) • Indemnity ($8 more million) • Chinese emigration permitted • Tianjin as an open port • Surrender of Kowloon peninsula HONG KONG CHINESE LABOR ZENG GUOFAN (1811-72), LI HONGZHANG (1823-1901), AND ZUO ZONGTANG (1812-85) SUPPRESSION OF THE TAIPINGS HUNAN ARMY CHARLES GEORGE GORDON (1833-1885) EVER- VICTORIOUS ARMY LI XIUCHENG JULY 19, 1864...
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