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Unformatted text preview: KANG YOUWEI (1858-1927) LIANG QICHAO (1873-1929) TAN SITONG (1865-1898) ZHANG ZHIDONG PETITION OF 1895 THE SELF-STRENGTHENING STUDY SOCIETY (1895) An Enquiry into the Classics Forged during the Xin Period (1891) Confucius as an Institutional Reformer (1897) Book of the Great Unity (Datong shu) THE SCRAMBLE FOR CONCESSIONS (1898) HONG KONG KANG YOUWEI’S PROPOSALS • • • • • • • • Constitutional Monarchy Educational reforms Western Legal System New Ministries (of Agriculture and of Mines and Railways) Westernization of the Military Regenerate Confucianism as a State Religion Confucian Imperialism The Great Unity (Datong) Concept HUNDRED DAYS REFORMS (June 11 – September 21, 1898) _ _ _ _ EMPEROR GUANGXU (1871-1908, reigned 1874-1898) SIXTY EDICTS DECISION TO ARREST CIXI (September 18, 1898) YUAN SHIKAI SUN YAT-SEN (1866-1925) CHINA REVIVAL SOCIETY (1894) REVOLUTIONARY ALLIANCE (1905) THE PEOPLE JOURNAL THREE PRICIPLES OF THE PEOPLE (1905) NATIONALISM REPUBLICANISM PEOPLE’S LIVELIHOOD ...
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