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Unformatted text preview: THE EMPRESS DOWAGER REJECTING PETITIONS FROM REFORMERS THE LATE QING REFORMS (1901-1909) PUYI (1905-67, reigned 190812) Educational reforms (1901-09) Conversion of Traditional Academies (1901) Abolition of Examination System (1909) Ministry of Education (1909) Military Reform (1901-06) Thirty-six divisions of the New Army (1901) Army Ministry (1906) Constitutional Reforms (190809) Election of Provincial Assemblies (1909) National Assembly (1909) Parliament is to be introduced (1913) THE COLLAPSE OF THE QING BY 1912 ($835 MILLION IN DEBT) BY 1912 (216 FOREIGN COMPANIES AND 549 CHINESE COMPANIES) COMPRADORS 107 OPEN PORTS THE XINHAI REVOLUTION (October 10, 1911-February 12, 1912) • WUCHANG UPRISING • WUHAN • WUCHANG EIGHTH ENGINEER BATALLION • LI YUANHONG • PREMIER YUAN SHIKAI (NOVEMBER 11, 1911) • PROCLAMATION OF THE REPUBLIC (January 1, 1912) THE REPUBLIC OF CHINA SUN YAT-SEN (PROVISIONAL PRESIDENT) YUAN SHIKAI (18591916, ruled 1912-16) BEIYANG ARMY ...
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