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Unformatted text preview: A SEMINAR ON PRACTICAL TRAINING PRACTICAL TAKEN AT SHRIRAM CEMENT WORKS SHRIRAM CEMENT WORKS (A DIVISON OF DSCL KOTA) PRESENTED BY:PRESENTED PUNEET VIJAY PUNEET VIJAY 3rd YR. E.I.&C. CONTENTS CONTENTS • • • • • Introduction Sections of SCW Process description Instruments in Cement plant Conclusion INTRODUCTION INTRODUCTION • ABOUT THE COMPANY • ABOUT THE UNIT INTRODUCTION OF PLANT INTRODUCTION OF PLANT • • • Wet process cement plant Capacity of 2.8 lakh ton / annum First calcium hydroxide based plant SECTIONS OF SCW SECTIONS OF SCW • • • • • Crushing plant Raw mill Kiln Section Cement mill Packing PROCESS DISCRIPTION PROCESS DISCRIPTION • • • • Crushing Raw mill Kiln section Cement mill CRUSHING SECTION CRUSHING SECTION RAW MILL PREPARATION RAW MILL PREPARATION KILN SECTION KILN SECTION Cement Mill Cement Mill INSTRUMENTATION IN INSTRUMENTATION IN CEMENT PLANT • • • • • • • • Analyzer Transducer Measurement of pressure Level indicator Weight belt conveyer Proximity switches Electronic ear Density meter THANK YOU ...
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