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Unformatted text preview: SEMINAR ON I.O.C.L. COMPLEX REFINERY PANIPAT,(HARYANA) Submitted to­ Submitted by­ Mr. SUNIL GUPTA GAURAV GUPTA (H.O.D. ELECTRICAL) ELECTRICAL ENG. Mr. NARENDRA JAT IV YEAR (VII)SEM (LECTURER) PANIPAT REFINERY ABOUT I.O.C.L. ABOUT I.O.C.L. IOCL is the India’s flagship national oil company. IOCL is the 18th largest co. in the world & the no. 1 Petroleum trading co. in Asia Pacific Region. IOCL IOCL is the top ranked co. among both private & public sectors at 116th position in the worldwide public list. list. Guwahati Gujarat Barauni Panipat Haldia Mathura Digboi ABOUT PANIPAT ABOUT PANIPAT REFINERY Panipat Refinery is the 7th refinery of Indian oil . The The originol refinery with 6 MMTPA capacity was built and commissioned in 1998. was At At a time its capacity is 12 MMTPA & and 12 to 15 mmtpa is in progres. 15 The The cost of the refinery’s construction was Rs 9024 crores . crores It recives crude oil through the Chaksu-Kamal branch pipeline of the Salaya-Mathura pipeline Vadinar Gujrat coast to Panipat through a 1,339km long pipelines. Panipat refinery meets demands of petroleum pruducts not only of Haryana but also the entire Northwest CRUDE OIL PIPELINE Panipat New Delhi Chaksu Mathura Abu Road Kandla Salaya Viramgam Vadodara MAJOR PRODUCTS OF PANIPAT REFINERY Liquefied Petrolem Gas (LPG) Naphtha Motor Spirit Superior Keroseen Oil (SKO) High Speed Diesel (HSD) Aviation Turbine Fuel (ATF) 80 MT Gasoline Bitumen Sulphur Products from Refinery 96 RON GASOLINE LPG NAPHTHA BITUMEN MOTOR SPIRIT SULPHUR HEAVY PETROLEUM STOCK ATF HSD SKO ABOUT ELECTRICAL In the electrical field there have CAPTIVE POWER In PLANT . PLANT Captive Power Plant :Captive :In this power plant generated power is used to themself. themself. *Refinery captive power plant generation capacity is *Refinery 225 MW . 225 *There have three steam turbine & five gas turbine *There generator are used for all refinery & refinery township. township. *There is 132kv,grid by HARYANA ELECTRICITY BOARD as stand by source. SOURCE OF ELECTRIC POWER IN REFINERY 1.STG 1x3 25x3 75 MW 2.GTG 1x5 30x5 150 MW 3. HSEB 132­KV (HARYANA ELECTRICITY BOARD) STEAM TURBINE GENERATOR STEAM The Requirements Are : D.M. PLANT AIR FUEL BOILERS TURBINES GENERATORS CONDENSOR EJECTOR HIGH PRESSURE HEATER DEAREATOR BOILER ECONOMISE R TURBINE H.P. HEATER G E N CONDENSER C.E.P. L.P. HEATER B.F.P. DEAREATER Basic Idea Of Steam Turbine Generator STEAM TURBINE TECHNICAL DATA Max. Continuous rating KW 25,000 Most economical rating KW 25,000 Zero extraction rating KW NA Turbine normal speed RPM 3,000 Turbine trip speed Direction of rotation Facing RPM 3,300 Clock Wise Specifications of Steam Generator Active Power Apparent Power Voltage Current P. F. Speed Frequency Connection of Stator Winding Unbalance Loading Field Current for Rated Output No Load Field Current Generator Type No. of Turbo generator Sets = = = = = = = = = = = = = 25 MW 31.25 MVA 11000 Volts 1640 Amps 0.8 lag 3000 RPM 50 Hz Y 10 % Continuous 633 Amps 226 Amps TART 750­24 P 3 Gas Turbine Generator Gas The Requirements Are: Air (Dust free) Fuel Combustion Axial flow compressor Nozzles Spark plug Turbines Generators SIMPAL CYCLE OF GAS TURBINE SIMPAL GENERATOR GENERATOR R Y B FUEL GT EXHAUST COMBUTION COMPRESS OR INLET AIR TURBINE GENERATOR EFFICIENCY 28% TO 34% OPEN DIAGRAM OF GAS TURBINE OPEN 132 KV SWITCH YARD It has five incoming bays:It Bay-1 for 132kv Startup Transformer-1 Bay-2 for 132kv line 1 from Panipat Bay-3 for 132kv line 2 from Munak Bay-4 for 132kv Bus coupler. Bay-5 for 132kv Startup Transformer-2 132 KV SWITCH YARD BAY 1 S/U TR 1 BAY 3 BAY 2 BAY 4 132 KV LINE 2 132 KV LINE 1 BAY 5 B/C S/U TR 2 452 89LE2 89LE2 89AE1 89TE2 89LE1 89LE1 89TE2 89B 89A 89AE2 89TE1 89BE2 89TE1 52 52 52 89BE1 89BE 89BE 52 89BE 89BE 89A 89A 89B 89B 89A 89B 89A 89B THANKS….. THANKS….. ...
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