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Unformatted text preview: A PRACTICAL TRAINING SEMINAR ON ON RAILWAY LOCOMOTIVE WORKS CHITTRANJAN (WB) Presented by­ Rajeev kumar EE0531 CONTENTS CONTENTS HISTORY OF CLW TYPES OF LOCO DC MOTOR DC INDUCTION MOTOR SMOOTHING REACTOR TYPES OF PANNEL TESTING AND ASSEMBLY SECTIONS BRAKING SYSTEM CONCLUSION HISTORY OF CLW HISTORY CLW is the electric loco manufacturing unit in india which largest of its kind in Asia. Inogration of production of CLW at 26th January 1950. First steam loco commissioned­1st Nov 1950. First 1500 v DC Electric Loco commissioned ­14th Oct 1961. First Rajdhani Electric loco 3900 HP WAP­1 commissioned­ 1st oct. 1980. First three phase 6000 HP WAG­9 loco ­27th Dec 1996. TYPES OF LOCO TYPES CONVENTIONAL LOCO . (using DC series motor)­ .WAP­4(Raj). .WAG­7. THREE PHASE LOCO . (using 3­phase AC motor)­ . WAP­5. . WAP­7. . WAG­9. DC MOTOR DC ARMATURE SECTION COMMUTATOR ­Copper Segment­285 STATOR SECTION ­ ­Main pole­6 ­Com pole­6 ­Brush holder TESTING SECTION OF DC MOTOR TESTING THREE PHASE INDUCTION MOTOR THREE STATOR WINDING ROTOR SECTION ­No. of slot­72 ­Rating voltage­2180v ­Rating current­270­390A ­Frequency­65­130HZ ­Power Rating­850KW SMOOTHING REACTOR SMOOTHING HAVING 4­COIL RATED VOLTAGE ­1270V RATED CURRENT­1350A NO.PER LOCO ­ 2 INDUCTIVE ­ 3.6 mH STATIC EQUIPMENT SECTION STATIC BA PANEL AUXILARY CONNECT PANEL MASTER CONTROLLER ­Rated voltage 110V,DC ­Rated current 5AMP,DC CTF and REVERSER ­ Rated Voltage 1270V,DC ­Rated Current 1500AMP SHUNTING CONTACTOR MOTOR CONTACOTR TESTING AND ASSEMBLY SECTION TESTING Assemble all panels in loco cabin Main Transformer Tap Changer Oil Cooling radiator Silicon Rectifier Circuit Bracker DBR Pantograph TM Blower & motor Main Compressor Traction Motor­6 Smoothing Reactor Master Controller Circuit Diagram Circuit BRAKING SYSTEM BRAKING Mechanical Braking Electrical Braking Conclusion CLW is the sole manufacturer electric locomotive in india. Main suppliers of electrical equipments are BHEL, ABB, crompton greaves. Production capacity of CLW is 225 locomotives (engines) per year. WAG­9 Pictures Pictures .Rated power­5000 HP .25 KV,AC .Speed­100 km/hr .Traction motor­DC motor .WAP­7 .Rated power­6000 HP .25 KV AC .speed­140 km/hr .3 phase drive Pictures Pictures Thank you QUERIES ??? QUERIES ??? ...
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