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Lee Myung Bak Lee Myung Bak 1941–, South Korean business exec utive and politician, president of South Korea (2008–), b. Osaka, Japan. He began his business career with Hyundai Construction in 1965, becoming the chief executive officer of the company in 1977. By the time he left the Hyundai Group in 1992 he had been CEO of eight Hyundai businesses and earned the nickname “The Bulldozer” for the drive with which he managed difficult projects. In 1992 he entered politics and was elected to the National Assembly, serving until 1998, when he resigned in the wake of charges of excessive campaign spending. Active in the conservative Grand National party, he founded electronic financial services companies after 1999 and later was mayor of Seoul (2002–6). A candidate for South Korean president in 2007, he handily defeated his opponents, becoming the first conservative candidate to win in a decade. His victory, however, was marred by an investigation into accusations of fraud associated with an
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Unformatted text preview: investment firm he founded, but he was subsequently cleared. Kim Young Sam Kim Young Sam, 1927–, South Korean political leader, b. Gyeongsang prov. He was first elected to the National Assembly in 1954 and served nine terms. A long-time political dissident and opponent of military rule, he was banned from politics from 1980 to 1985 and was twice subjected to house arrest. Kim was an unsuccessful presidential candidate in 1987, but after three decades in opposition he shrewdly merged his party with the ruling party in 1990 to form the Democratic Liberal party (now the New Korea party). In 1993 he became the first nonmilitary president in more than 30 years, and initiated political and economic reforms, but in 1998, amid corruption scandals and public loss of confidence, he was succeeded by his rival Kim Dae Jung ....
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