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A Blackface Scheme Thomas Rice wanted to be famous. The young actor, nicknamed "Daddy," performed in theaters throughout New York for much of the 1820s, but remained frustrated by his small roles and jealous of his colleagues who enjoyed greater celebrity. Seeking new opportunities in the West, Rice accepted work as a stage carpenter in Louisville, Kentucky, an adjunct performer for an acting troupe in Cincinnati, Ohio, and a freelance prop man for a dilapidated playhouse in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. While in preparation for a stage show in Pittsburgh, Rice concocted a plan to win the notoriety he so desperately desired. He persuaded a black steamboat baggage carrier to accompany him to the theater. During the performance, Rice secretly led the man through a private entrance and into the dressing room backstage. There he commanded the worker to disrobe and proceeded to clothe himself in the man's tattered apparel and his patched shoes. Rice applied black cork all
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