Enforcing White Supremacy

Enforcing White Supremacy - Enforcing White Supremacy Black...

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Unformatted text preview: Enforcing White Supremacy Black schools in Jim Crow societies often had few textbooks for students in the first place. Democratic-controlled local governments and white school board leaders refused resources to black educational institutions, so teachers instructing black pupils usually did so without adequate facilities or proper supplies. Such a system disadvantaged black children and ultimately served to enforce white supremacist theories that blacks were intellectually inferior. Southern Democratic governments sought not only to limit black academic pursuits, but also to curb political participation. Radical Reconstruction had taught whites that the black vote was intimately linked to that population's quest for equal rights. Thus, it had to be suppressed. Although the Fifteenth Amendment of the Constitution prohibited the use of race to bar anyone from voting, southern legislators found loopholes; they enforced a series of requirements, including poll taxes, property qualifications, and literacy tests, that appeared color-blind, but...
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