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Muckrakers & Reformers Summary & Analysis The Path to Hell It is said that the path to hell is "paved with good intentions." 22 Perhaps no one learned that lesson better than the Progressives who tried to resolve the social problems that plagued their society, only to discover major unintended consequences resulted from their actions. At the turn of the twentieth century, a group of primarily middle-class reformers known as the Progressives set out to make America a better place. They wanted to stamp out drinking , which they saw as a sinful violation of Christian righteousness and a source of violence and profligacy. They also sought to win the vote for women, since women were an important part of the Progressive movement and many believed that women were inherently more ethical than men and would therefore advance the cause of temperance. Democratic reforms at the federal and local level—the commission type of government and the referendum, initiative, and recall —were other centerpieces of the Progressive agenda. Reformers sought to stamp out (or at least regulate) child labor and minimize the burdens that working women carried. This was particularly true for working mothers, who were charged with raising the next generation and instilling their children with Christian morals and American values, even while they toiled long hours in unforgiving wage labor. The Progressives wanted to break up the monopolistic companies
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Muckraker1 - Muckrakers Reformers Summary Analysis The Big...

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