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The Spanish-American War Summary & Analysis The 1893 World's Columbian Exposition In May of 1893, fairgrounds covering nearly two square miles of Chicago were opened to the public. The city had been chosen to host the World's Columbian Exposition , a year-long celebration of the 400th anniversary of the discovery of the New World. The fair was a grand display of American history and world culture featuring carefully crafted buildings, exciting exhibits, notable speakers, and remarkable new inventions: the giant Ferris Wheel , strange new foods such as the hamburger, and a concoction of popcorn, molasses, and peanuts called "Cracker Jacks." Some 27 million people—one quarter of the nation's population in the 1890s— visited the exposition, making it the largest tourist attraction in United States history. The Chicago World's Fair, with its scale-model replicas of classic architecture , its immaculate streets and sidewalks
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