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World War II In A Nutshell World War II, as our school textbooks have taught us, ushered in a new world order, bringing an end to Hitler's Third Reich , Mussolini's fascist dictatorship in Italy, and an aggressive Japanese empire in the Pacific. For the part it played in Allied victory, the United States earned a new, powerful and coveted role on the world stage. Thus, Americans commonly refer to World War II as "The Good War," a conflict in which the forces of good triumphed over evil. But no war is ever quite that simple, especially a conflict as widespread, as destructive, and as deadly as the Second World War. Why Should I Care? "The Good War." You've likely seen this phrase before in reference to World War II. Odd, right? It's a strange title, to say the least, for a bloodiest military conflict in human history. It's a weird way for Americans, specifically, to remember a war that took four times as many American lives as World War I, seven times as many as the Vietnam War , and one-hundred times as many as the
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