The Levitt Empire

The Levitt Empire - The Levitt Empire Perhaps the most...

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The Levitt Empire Perhaps the most successful—and most iconic—of all those involved in the development of . In the late 1940s, Abraham Levitt and his two sons bought 4,000 acres of farmland, built the largest tract of private houses the nation had ever seen, and changed the American landscape forever . Levittown in Long Island, New York, became a model of suburban building in both form and function. With staggering speed and efficiency, the Levitts produced affordable homes that not only helped grow the nation's housing supply, but also satisfied the American masses who sought both comfort and style, practicality and luxury. Getting From Here to There Many followed the Levitts's lead and began fabricating and selling entire plots of single-family homes outside the borders of cities—often in agricultural regions. These "suburbs," sprinkled throughout the country, would have been undesirable to the average American consumer without efficient highways and byways connecting them to places of employment and commerce. The
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