Sacrificing Democracy for Democracy

Sacrificing Democracy for Democracy - Sacrificing Democracy...

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Sacrificing Democracy for Democracy But the Communists succeeded in Vietnam; in 1954, with the decisive Viet Minh victory at the battle of Dien Bien Phu , French forces surrendered and agreed to a set of treaties. In these Geneva Accords , the French accepted the Viet Minh's demands to evacuate all troops from Vietnam. Though northern and southern regions remained divided, the Accords stated that in two years unification would be possible through the implementation of nationwide free elections. In July 1956, the Vietnamese people would have a chance to decide whether they preferred to unite under a Communist regime (based in the North) or under a pro-Western (pro-French) government. As the first President of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam in the North, Ho Chi Minh hoped to avoid further setbacks and see national elections administered in 1956 as promised. Minh, considered by many Vietnamese—in the North as well as the South—to be the valiant hero of their liberation, was confident that he would win the election against any opponent representing the government in the South. But Minh's plan for the peaceful reunification of Vietnam all depended on whether the Geneva Accords would be observed by the South Vietnamese government, its leader Ngo Dinh Diem , and the Western power supporting both—the United States. Diem's regime and the United States government refused to acknowledge both the
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Sacrificing Democracy for Democracy - Sacrificing Democracy...

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