Ending the - Ending the "Vietnam Syndrome" in...

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Ending the "Vietnam Syndrome" in Grenada Ronald Reagan swept into the White House promising to end the weakness of the Carter era by restoring the United States to military greatness. As a candidate in 1980, he had vowed to end what he called the "Vietnam syndrome" by restoring the nation's confidence in the military (and the military's confidence in itself). Reagan promised a policy of "peace through strength," believing that only by building up American armed forces strong enough to defeat the Soviet Union could the United States deter the Communists from instigating World War III. Upon taking office in 1980, Reagan dramatically increased spending on the military, telling planners at the Pentagon, "Defense is not a budget item. You spend what you need." 13 The result was a huge buildup in the country's armed forces. Spending on the military increased by hundreds of billions of dollars under Reagan's watch, with most of the increased spending pouring into research, development, and production of sophisticated new equipment like Tomahawk cruise missiles , B-2 stealth bombers
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Ending the - Ending the "Vietnam Syndrome" in...

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