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Columbia University: The Revolutionary Moment These two interpretive and tactical strands placed their hopes for revolution in very different historical processes. But they came together briefly at Columbia University in 1968. Members of the SDS launched a campaign against a handful of university policies. CIA and Marine recruitment on campus, and the university’s membership in the Institute for Defense Analysis, a military think tank, were publicized in hopes that student dissatisfaction with these practices would lead toward a more comprehensive critique of American political and economic power. But this protest took a sudden new turn when the Student Afro-American Society interrupted a SDS rally to denounce university plans to build a new gym at Morningside Park. This park was located just off campus on the edge of a black neighborhood, and the university’s decision to build there struck African-American students as yet another example of a privileged white institution encroaching on black communities without consultation or compensation. With cries of “to the park,” black students commandeered the SDS rally and led the crowd down
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