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The Weathermen - The Weathermen Yet ironically and perhaps...

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The Weathermen Yet ironically, and perhaps predictably, this sudden growth created even deeper tensions within SDS. And within the more general student movement, the explosion of student participation threatened to transform it into a cacophony of different philosophies and agendas. The Yippies launched a protest that was as much cultural as political; they largely abandoned serious political action for street theater and symbolic cultural commentary. At the 1968 Democratic Convention, philosophy-laden oratory was replaced by a rally for Pigasus—a pig that was nominated for president. Local organizations adopted their own analyses and strategies—the confrontational and militant Jesse James Gang at Ann Arbor, the cultural revolutionary White Panthers in Berkeley, and anarchistic collectives like the San Francisco Diggers and New York’s Up Against the Wall Mother Fuckers. It was within this growing but splintering movement that the Weathermen emerged. In the fall of 1969, the SDS dissolved, but a faction within the organization regrouped. Adopting a line out of
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